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Publication date: August 2021
An ebook that all medical / life sciences students should read.
The aim of this website is to promote the idea that the oxidative stress (unchecked free radical activity) plays a central role in human, animal and plant pathology. The last 30 years or so have seen the accumulation of a large body of evidence pointing to the relationship between the oxidative stress, human diseases and aging.

Biological oxidation and its pathological arm, the oxidative stress, should be regarded in the broader context of life's "rusting" process. This process, while natural and inevitable can be slowed down to a certain extent. As we fight the destructive action of oxygen on all sorts of man-made products so we must aggresively counteract excess free radical activity which can harm the body in so many ways. By limiting the action of free radicals in biological systems and making appropriate life style changes we can actually prevent many pathological conditions from occuring. This new strategy that begins to get more and more attention from the medical establishment is called Prevention and could result in savings of billions of dollars for an already overstreched Medicare system. As Benjamin Franklin once said: "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". As never before are these words more true than today. That is why the preventive medicine together with a host of other measures will play center stage in the fight against disease. This could bring marked improvements in the quality of life for millions of people as well as benefits to society as a whole.

The information on this website is directed primarily to those with an interest in biomedical research, in particular biological oxidation/oxidative stress and its relationship to human pathology. To this end we will focus on several topics:

  • Reviews of relevant papers on oxidative stress
  • Reviews of research articles on the effect of food antioxidants on cellular metabolism and the possible role of these antioxidants in disease prevention.

In addition, we are also presenting information on the role of micronutrients in the human body, the oxidative stress and its involvement in human pathology as well as nutrition-related topics such as the increasingly important concept of calorie restriction/dietary restriction for reducing the risk of metabolic syndrome (obesity associated high blood pressure, insulin resistance leading to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, premature aging, etc) with the overall aim of improving ones health and quality of life.

Due to an increased interest from the general public for the medical benefits of certain biologically active compounds (cannabinoids) of the plant Cannabis sativa and the recent regulations by Health Canada regarding the production of dried leaves from this plant by licensed producers we will bring to the attention of those interested the latest science behind the potential use of cannabinoids for the treatment of several human ailments. Here is an article on the medical benefits of this fascinating plant.

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